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I'm OAD (Ohad Attia), a 21 years  old musician. Singer songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Tel Aviv. 

 I write, compose, do what I feel and what I love, it doesn't matter for me if its Rock, Pop or something different, if its sounds good and it moves me - that's gonna work for me! If I feel comfortable, enjoy and love what i'm doing so hopefully other people might love it too. I first started to play on guitar in the age of 10 and fell in love with it. From the moment I hold the guitar that I lend from my friend, before i even knew how to play, I couldn't let her go and knew that music its the only thing I want to do in my life. In the age of 13 I founded a band with few friends from school and I started to sing professionally.

I was the singer and guitarist of the band.

During this time I started to learn how to record and produce on the computer. I recorded all of the band's songs and all of the instruments with a minimal equipment that I had. I preform with my band all over Israel. 

Sometimes we had 5 shows a week. After 3 years we decided to separated. From there, I keep on doing music, writing songs and preforming with all the strength. I built my home recording studio and start to produce my original songs and making my music videos by my self as OAD.

My previous single "My Scream" has been picked by one of the "filtr US", a Sony Music Entertainment playlists series, I released a new single with Maya Azucena, the award-winning indie artist that garnered a Grammy.  ,

Recently the well known dj John Dahlbäck released a remix to my song "If I Ever" -  I've been featured by blogs, played by radio stations and teamed up with popular channels and bloggers from all over the world. 

                                          Music is all my life and all I do.




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